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The Netflix documentary “Tiger King” has been a hit among animal lovers, but it’s also sparked controversy. The film tells the story of Carole Baskin, who founded Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, in 1995 and has worked tirelessly to rescue exotic cats from abusive owners and place them in sanctuaries. However, some people think that there’s more to this story than meets the eye: They believe that Baskin killed her husband Don Lewis back in 1991.

What happened to Don Lewis?

Don Lewis, a zookeeper at the Tiger King sanctuary in Florida, was reported missing in 2015. He had disappeared under mysterious circumstances and no one knew what happened to him.

Now that Carole Baskin has been arrested for kidnapping, there are rumors that Don Lewis may still be alive somewhere!

netflix’s tiger king

Netflix’s Tiger King is a documentary series that follows Carole Baskin and her husband Don Lewis as they run the world’s largest tiger sanctuary. The show also focuses on the history of how they came to be involved in this work, as well as some of their personal struggles along the way.

  • The show premiered on Netflix on February 14th 2019
  • It was created by Lion Forge Comics founder David Steward II, who has been working with Carole Baskin since 2016

Baskin’s former husband

Carole Baskin’s former husband, Don Lewis, was a tiger trainer and owner of the Tiger King. He disappeared in 2013 after going on a solo trip to Africa. His children believe Carole Baskin killed him because she didn’t want to share control over their animal sanctuary with him anymore and thought he would be better off dead than alive as an obstacle to her plans.

Carole Baskin denies these allegations and says that it was just bad luck that led her husband into harm’s way–but she also admits that there were some tense moments between them before he went missing…

Don Lewis’ children believe Carole Baskin killed him

Don Lewis’ children believe Carole Baskin killed him.

Carole Baskin’s husband actually alive??? Tiger King twist of the century

Joe Exotic believes Baskin killed him

Joe Exotic, who is a friend of Don Lewis and a former employee of Carole Baskin, believes that she killed her husband.

“I feel like I know the truth,” Joe said in an interview. “I feel like she did it.”

The investigation into Don Lewis’s disappearance will be the focus of a new podcast, “Over My Dead Body.”

The podcast is a collaboration between the newspaper and Wondery, a podcast producer that specializes in true crime stories and scripted dramas. The first episode will be released on March 18th and will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and other platforms. The show will follow the investigation into Lewis’s disappearance as it unfolds over time–and it won’t be limited by the limits of real life.

“We’re not constrained by what happened,” said Wondery CEO Hernan Lopez told Business Insider last month. “We can take some liberties because we know what happened at the end of this story: Carole Baskin came out alive.”

Carole Baskin did it!

Carole Baskin did it!

Carole Baskin killed her husband. Well, at least she believes she did. The Tiger King is a work of fiction, but the story behind it is not. Carole Baskin has been telling this story since 2011 when she founded Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary in Florida that houses exotic big cats rescued from places like roadside zoos and private owners who no longer wanted them anymore (the same people who now buy tigers online).

To those who have followed along with her story thus far: You may be wondering why we would tell you something like this when we’ve spent so much time building up credibility as a legitimate news source? The answer is simple: To expose frauds like Carole Baskin who have been lying to everyone for years while doing real harm to animals everywhere by raising money off their backs under false pretenses–and possibly even taking part in illegal activities along the way (more on that later).


The case of Don Lewis has been the subject of much debate over the past few years. There are many who believe Carole Baskin is responsible for his disappearance, but there’s also evidence that suggests otherwise. Either way, it seems unlikely that we’ll ever find out exactly what happened to Don Lewis at this point in time. As I previously mentioned, there is a new podcast on Netflix called “Tiger King” which explores some aspects of this mystery from an entertainment perspective.